Welcome To The Road Safety Website

Welcome To Road Safety Awareness Presented By Madison Media

The Road Safety Awareness Journal is a publication produced for school children.

Unfortunately, Government statistics show that road and traffic accidents are on the increase, many of these involving young children. A lot of accidents happen through lack of awareness to potentially dangerous situations, and lack of knowledge to road markings.

This is where the Road Safety Awarenss Journal Comes In

Presented in a fun and educational manner, the journal seeks to teaach children the dangers of the road.

There are fun games to play, puzzles to crack, and the journal has it's own guides, in Rob and Suzy!

The Road Safety Awareness Journal is a fun read for all ages, but we could not have produced this without that fantastic support we have recieved from local companies, small and large alike.

We would like to send out a big thanks to all those companies involved. Your support will help save lives!



Click here to view a PDF version of our publication.